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July 26, 2018:  Vivid Tracking in South Africa has chosen to base its new offerings on the Accessor REACTOR platform from Accessor Telematics in Sweden. New and innovative services will be launched at a high rate during May and June both to businesses and consumers. The services will include a wide range of offerings within Usage Based Insurances, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Fleet Management and Asset Tracking. Vivid Tracking believe that they will see a significant increase of their subscription base, with at least 10,000 subscriptions annually, thanks to the new service portfolio. Yvette Uren, CEO of Vivid Tracking says;

“We have, for a very long time, been looking for a platform that cater for all our needs, no matter application. We provide services to several verticals and have, until now, been forced to use one platform for each vertical. This gives us too many limitations and affects our business negatively. With Accessor REACTOR, we have everything in one place. We can configure the platform into whatever service we would like. We can even choose any hardware in order to deliver beyond customer expectations.”

Niclas Holm, CEO of Accessor Telematics, explains; “Accessor has customers in most parts of the World, but the important South African market has been a white spot for us until now. The deal with Vivid Tracking is definitely a break-through for Accessor and proves that Accessor REACTOR can deliver also on one of the World´s most well developed tracking markets.”