Our offering

”We are addressing already deployed Solutions, combining these with cutting edge technology and we keep the Customer in power… ”

Our only focus is your needs

Regardless of what application you want to provide, what resources or experience you have, Accessor is there for you and your customers.

Together with our partners, we put the pieces together and create your complete Telematics or IoT program – all in close collaboration with you.


Regardless of hardware – we got you covered!

Irrespective of hardware Accessor helps you migrate your existing fleet and subsequently source a replacement.

If you need a custom-made solution – we got you covered with our world-class design and production partners.


Accessor REACTOR makes vehicles, machines, trailers or other things talk.

Accessor REACTOR enables them to talk with your customers, partners, back-end, front-end, app or even with each other.

Accessor REACTOR allows you to provide Telematics services beyond imagination regardless if you are in Fleet Management, Insurance, Leasing, Car dealership or OEM.


Flexibility is key.

Whatever the challenge is we adapt fully to it. This means that you have full freedom to choose any carrier, any type of hosting and any maps. It’s your customers and your solution – it should be your choice.


Our enabling services provide high-quality execution of your roll-out. We help you recruit and train staff, find the right partners and empower your organization.

Contact us to create the future