Telematics Enabler

Accessor enables large Telematics Service Providers and Tier one customers in all verticals, in all regions, to provide flexible and high-quality solutions to their end-customers. Our solutions are trendsetting and creates unlimited possibilities to our clients. Our organization is small, customer centric and flexible. Our people are hand-picked, highly experienced and with one joint mission – to create the future!

Meet the Management Team

Our experience is your safety. Our Management Team has 10-20 years of experience from the industry as founders or as high-level executives for Service Providers, Hardware providers and tier one customers. We know how to set-up and manage Telematics business and want to share that with you.
Our base is in Scandinavia with offices in Västerås and Copenhagen. Our reach is the World.

  • Mikael Fernholm
    Mikael Fernholm CTO

    +46 70 643 09 89

  • Niclas Holm
    Niclas Holm Founder and CEO

    +46 70 674 22 12

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